What is a Shome?

​When you think of the different types of houses, you probably think of Bungalows, Cabins, Condominiums, Cottages, Ranch-Style homes, and traditional brick homes. A word that perhaps does not come to mind is Shome. Shomes are barn-like structures that have been converted or built from the ground up to be a shop and home combined.

A shome is a post-frame (pole barn) construction style that has been popular for barns and commercial buildings for years thanks in part to their affordable cost. However, designers have added increased insulation, new products, and other features to make them comfortable to live in.

The Advantages of Shomes

Shomes have several unique characteristics that make them ideal for custom homes. Here are five advantages to homes of this type: 

Design Simplicity
A shome takes on a straightforward design. The design process requires minimal engineering. This makes it possible for nearly anyone to afford a custom home design.

Quick Construction
Shomes are quick and easy to build. The building’s shell can go from start to finish in just a few days to a couple of weeks.

Maximum Durability
Many shomes are built with wood post framing and a durable metal shell. This type of building is exceptionally resistant to the elements and offers longer life and lower maintenance costs than many standard home-building materials.

Unparalleled Flexibility
Nothing beats a shome for design flexibility. Post-frame construction uses roof trusses that span the entire width of a home without any internal support. This, gives the designers unparalleled flexibility.

Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle
If you want to live the indoor/outdoor lifestyle, a shome is the perfect home for you. The open nature of post-frame construction makes walls of windows or large sliding doors practical.

Today’s home designs tend to lean toward open concept homes, with plenty of windows that invite the outdoors in. When you choose a post-frame home, these design features are easy to incorporate. When you combine the design flexibility with the rapid construction process and increased longevity, a shome starts to make a lot of sense. So, what is a shome? It just might be the perfect home for you!

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