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Team Player


Continued Growth Mindset

Have Fun


We want to honor our Creator in all that we do.

The ultimate decision filter, “Is God pleased?”

Does this represent what God wants?

We want our work to be an extension of our lives.

People (Team Player)

We strive to put the people in our organization above all else. This
means when we are faced with a difficult decision, we must first answer the following questions:

    Is this good for the people?

    Excellence in communication

    “It is better for us to all suffer a little than one person suffers a lot”

    “We are here to help each other, not only in our work but also in our lives.”

    “Putting the interest of others ahead of our own”

    “Let’s all work together to build something greater than ourselves.”


    Actively seeking and accepting the advice and criticism of your partners and co-workers.

    “Admitting our mistakes.”

    “Ask for help, it is okay to not always have the answer.”

    “Having a modest opinion of oneself.”

    Play the long game – Infinite vs finite.

    “Do not confuse motion for progress”

    “Respect others and respect yourself”

    Continued Growth Mindset

    Always working on personal development

    Hungry to learn

    If you stop learning…. you stop growing.

    Have Fun

    Let’s not take ourselves too seriously and enjoy the journey

    Tomorrow never comes!!

    Keystone Construction Team

    The Team

    Leon Leinbach | Keystone Construction

    Leon Leinbach

    Founder | CEO

    Jim Watson

    Partner | Sales Manager

    Dustin Eigsti


    Keystone Construction | Dexter Byler

    Dexter Byler


    Keystone Construction | Brian McElwain

    Brian McElwain


    Keystone Construction | Justin Harris

    Justin Harris

    Project Manager

    Keystone Construction | James Vanderlinde

    James VanDerLinde

    Inventory Manager

    Keystone Construction | Tashina Richardson

    Tashina Richardson


    Keystone Construction | Rusty Wilson

    Rusty Wilson

    Yard Team Member

    Danny Homer Bell

    Yard Team Member

    Keystone Construction | Danny Houchens

    Danny Houchens

    Driver | Yard

    Keystone Construction | Nate Snyder

    Nate Snyder

    Drafting | Design

    Amanda Cunningham

    Executive Assistant | HR

    Keystone Construction | Mose Eigsti

    Mose Eigsti


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