How Long Does it Take to Build a Barndominium?

Your barndominium construction can be as custom as you want, but you get more for the dollar and can get it done faster than the traditional custom home. How long it takes to build your structure depends on who is doing the construction. Some builders can complete a barndominium project in just six months.

Construction of your barndominium involves several steps:

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Decide on the Overall Approach

The first step involves figuring out:

  • Who you will hire a build your barndominium for you.
  • Where you will build your new structure.
  • What budget and timeline you are aiming for.
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Find a Floor Plan for Your Barndominium

Once you have decided on a basic approach, move on to finding a floor plan that works for you and your lifestyle. House plans for barndominiums are country home designs strongly influenced by barn styling, however, barndominium designs have an open concept floor plan, a gambrel roof, barn doors, and the rustic aesthetic and feel of a repurposed pole barn for living space requirements. You can buy an already completed plan, commission one, or even come up with your own. 

Keep in mind the complexity of your design will have an impact on the total cost and the impact on the length of time it takes to build your barndominium

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Secure Funding

Once these steps are complete, it’s time to apply for financing. Increase your approval chances by documenting a realistic timetable and show your lender the approved floor plan.

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Work Out a Schedule & Get Building

With your funding in place, solidify your building schedule and get building!  A quality contractor will often set timeline expectations with you during the design phase of your build. Having these conversations early will save time and keep you and your contractor poised for success.

Final Thoughts

How long it takes to build a barndominium depends on the steps above. The more attention to detail you put into each step, the more smoothly and swiftly your project will come to fruition!


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