Six Tips for Designing a Post-Frame Barndominium

Have you ever thought of designing and building a custom home? Whether you are thinking of a home for your retirement or a place to raise a family, a custom home can be the ideal place for whatever your life brings. However, designing and building a custom home can quickly turn into an expensive project. You can reduce the cost of the project by choosing a post-frame building. Post-frame buildings can be slightly more economical than traditional wood-frame homes and can be adapted to fit most building styles. Here are six tips for designing a post-frame barndominium:

Design for Your Property

The house that works on one lot may not work on another. Think about the terrain, sightlines, the location of the road, and utilities. Also, place your windows to take advantage of the best views and your bedrooms to reduce noise and light pollution.

Keep it Simple

Most architecture and design firms use software to build 3-D models of their designs. All it really takes is a pencil and paper. Start with a list of the features you want. Even if you can’t draw, a rough sketch can be enough to get your ideas across.

Plan for the Future

Don’t build for the house you need now; build with an eye on the future. Consider things like your changing family needs, career plans, and personal style. Basically, think about what the future you will need and want in a home.


Get Everything in Order

Most people have a limited budget. While you might want commercial appliances, high-end finishes, old-growth sawn oak floors, and dual rainfall steam shower heads, you’ll need to choose the features that are the most important.


How Will It Work?

The way your house is arranged has a significant impact on your quality of life. For instance, you should probably place your bedrooms away from high traffic areas like your kitchen and family room. If your family likes to congregate in the kitchen, make sure there is plenty of room and open sightlines.

Let the Sun Shine in (or Don’t)

It’s easy to overlook the importance of light in your home. Both natural and artificial light can have a powerful effect on mood, productivity, and overall wellness. Design features like skylights and full-spectrum lighting make your work areas friendly and inviting. When it’s time to relax with a movie or watch the game, room-darkening curtains or blinds let you turn down the brightness on the TV.


Finally, east-facing windows with overhangs let you catch the morning sun while keeping out the afternoon heat.

A custom home can be the perfect place to live your life. When you choose a post-frame home, you can have the benefits of a custom home with a simpler, easier, design process.

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How Long Does it Take to Build a Barndominium?

Your barndominium construction can be as custom as you want, but you get more for the dollar and can get it done faster than the traditional custom home. How long it takes to build your structure depends on who is doing the construction. Some builders can complete a barndominium project in just six months.

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