Post-Frame Equestrian Building Options

The safety of your horses is the number one priority as you construct post-frame equestrian structures. However, the building should be functional and stylish. The building must withstand the weather and housing demands of your equine companions. Whether you have horses for companionship, sport, or recreation, you will find different options of post-frame designs for you and your equine. To assist you in the planning phase of your structure, here are the most popular post-frame equestrian building options available.

Shedrow Barns

Shedrow barns are a popular choice for many. They are highly customizable and boast some convenience factors that make them ideal for equine owners.

Shedrow barns are available in two designs. In-line shedrow barns feature a design that hosts several stalls side-by-side with enclosed extra storage space. L-shaped shed row barns have in-line stalls and a tack room creating an L-shape.

Other reasons you to consider a shedrow barn include:

  • You can install them in most municipalities without a building permit
  • They are extremely fast to set up
  • The customizable size and look allow the use of the barn as a supplement storage space for your main barn in case of overcrowding
  • They work on most ground types and are popular for putting up a temporary stable at a fairground, for instance
  • Their construction is more affordable compared to other large modular barns
  • You can resell and move a shed row barn

Lean-To Sheds

These are sheds built with a large front overhang supported by headers and posts. The design allows stalls to stay clean and dry while providing horses better protection from snow, heat, and rain. Extra storage space offers you a safe place to store essentials like feed and brushes.

These post-frame equestrian building options keep your horses safe and included features give you peace of mind. You can even add living quarters to some equestrian options!

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