Workshop vs. Shed: Which Is Better?

To the untrained eye and inexperienced builder, the difference between a workshop vs. a shed may seem trivial. After all, they both serve similar purposes and consist of similar materials. However, there are elements of a high-end workshop that distinguish it from your everyday backyard shed.

The mentality toward building a workshop is far different from building a shed. You may need a workshop to perform many functions with greater stability to protect your items from the Western Kentucky climate. Below, we look at the differences between a workshop vs. shed. If you have further questions, feel free to contact Keystone Construction. We can help you choose the right building for your home.

What Is a Shed?

In simple terms, a shed is a small building that you use for storage. You usually build a shed in a convenient area of your backyard where you only have a small space to work with. Most sheds have an area between 12’ x 12’ and 20’ x 20’. You may use them for storing your yard tools or a small lawnmower. Sheds usually consist of windows, a single door, and a small workbench.

There are different types of sheds, such as potting sheds, storage sheds, playhouses, offices, or garden sheds. Sheds are typically inexpensive and easy to build. The materials can range from wood or metal to hard plastic and composite materials. On average, sheds last between 20 and 25 years.

What is a Workshop?

For some, a workshop is little more than a glorified shed. They believe this is because some workshops simply have a larger floor area. However, workshops are more than just larger versions of sheds. They require more advanced design and construction, with a floorplan that holds several rooms.

Workshops are ideal for large-scale jobs around the house or farm. They perform multiple functions such as storing items and larger equipment that require more floor space and giving you more room to complete your projects. Workshops consist of metal or wood and dozens of features. A well-built workshop can last 50 or more years. Plus, they withstand harsher weather in Western Kentucky.

Which is Best for Me: A Workshop vs. a Shed?

Which is better in the workshop vs. shed debate depends largely on your purpose. For instance, if you simply need a small building to store a few small items, keep your tools organized, or help you out with your gardening, a shed may be all you need. A workshop is a better choice if you need a larger building that stores your vehicles or farm equipment and gives you more room for your projects.


The makeup of a shed is basic: four walls, a window, a door, and maybe a bench. Because the design is simple, you can build or buy a pre-built shed with little effort. The downside is that your shed may not withstand the outside elements – snow, heavy rains, tornadoes, flooding, high winds.

By contrast, a workshop has a heavy-duty construction that lasts. You will probably pay more for a workshop. The payoff, however, is getting a structure that will last and stand up to Kentucky’s harsher weather. Also, improved construction means that you will need lesser maintenance over time.

Home Value

If you expect your new shed to add market value to your home, you may want to think again. Few real analysts believe that a shed will add value to the property. If your shed is in excellent condition and a newer model, it may be an attractive feature to a buyer. However, there is no indication that your shed is an investment.

As stated above, you are likely to spend more on a workshop. However, you will reap more investment down the road if you decide to sell your house. A workshop is attractive to buyers because it offers more possibilities for storage and space. Its heavy construction and improved design can add 13 to 20 percent value to the property.

Purpose and Function

A shed comes in handy when you need room for a few yard tools or some boxes. However, a shed has limited functionality. Smaller space only allows you to do one or two things. If you choose to use a shed as a workstation, you may not have storage space. Likewise, storage can keep you from working in the shed.

A workshop gives you the ability to use the space for multiple purposes. Its functionality is virtually unlimited due to a more elaborate floor plan. Many workshops have multiple rooms – one room for storage, one room for storing smaller items, another room for housing vehicles or farm equipment.

Get a Free Estimate for a Workshop in Western KY

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