What are the Benefits of a Post-Frame Commercial Building?

If you are constructing a commercial building, one option you should give serious thought to is post-frame construction. While post-frame construction is most used for putting up agricultural buildings such as barns, modern technology and designs now make it a viable option for many commercial buildings. This option is great for putting up commercial structures, from warehouses and office buildings to auto dealerships. Let’s have a look at the benefits of a post-frame commercial building:

An Unlimited Design Flexibility

Post-frame construction offers you the complete design freedom to put up commercial spaces with adaptable, open, or multi-use floor plans. You decide where would like doors or windows to be installed. Even better, you have the option of installing various exterior finishes. 

You can install roofs of any pitch

Post-frame structures have clear-span trusses, which do not require extra support structures for a roof. This means that you can remove and add some walls in the future without affecting your building’s structural integrity.

As long as your design is no higher than two stories, post-frame construction will meet your needs. Examples of businesses compatible with the post-frame design include: 

  • Municipal buildings such as bus garages and fire stations
  • Retail spaces such as convenience stores and strip malls
  • Manufacturing facilities such as industrial buildings

Cost and Time Efficiency

Since post-frame construction does not require load-bearing walls, you spend less on fewer materials, less framing, and building labor and time. Imagine what this does to your bottom line, especially when moving your operations to a new area!

Hiring an architect is not cheap, and if they don’t understand your vision of building a post-frame business operation area, they cannot offer cost-effective structures. A partnership with a post-frame construction firm offers you the option of bypassing the architect’s fee, leading to a building with an attractive cost per square foot.

Savings you incur happen not only upfront. Reduced utility and maintenance costs mean that you still saving years after you have put up your building. The walls and roof trusses have enough room for plenty of necessary insulation, reducing your overall cooling and heating costs.

Durable Structures

Post-frame buildings should meet the International Building Code (IBC) and Uniform Building Code (UBC) standards. Designing, engineering, and construction must offer structural integrity, so everything in your commercial building works together for enduring value and strength. Post-frame buildings are also highly resistant to the elements and capable of withstanding earthquakes, wind, and rain.

Choose Post-Frame Construction for Your Next Commercial Project

The energy efficiency and flexibility you earn from a post-frame building are second to no other. The planning, designing, and development phases can be challenging tasks. With help from our professionals, we will help you to ensure that putting up your next commercial project is a memorable yet rewarding experience.


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